Andrew developed his first black and white film in the early 1990′s, but his passion for photography did not blossom until he stumbled across an old, broken camera with a 50mm lens.  Andrew brought the camera for a few pence, thinking that the challenge of the repair would make an interesting weekend project. If he managed to fix it, then he could sell it on for a profit. Fifteen years later, Andrew still carries that same old -but now working- manual SLR camera in his bag. Although he now prefers to use medium format TLR and DSLR cameras when he is working, he still has soft spot for the 35mm Olympus OM-30 that started his obsession.

For Andrew, the fusion of old and new technology can make film photography even more exciting. Modern scanning an printing techniques mean that the aesthetic appeal of traditional film cameras can be combined with digital processing to strike a perfect balance between quality and convenience. The benefits of this union between the old and the new can be seen in Andrew’s online galleries, where imperfections in the film (and even people) may have been removed digitally to improve the aesthetics of an image.

You can browse the galleries to see samples of Andrew’s work, or contact him directly if you would like to discuss licensing or commission works.

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