Crafting and making are becoming increasingly important in modern society. The sustainability of the “throw-away society” is being called into question by the rising cost of raw materials, and new personal fabrication techniques are causing a resurgence of the cottage industries seen in the pre-industrial age. Crafting is all about making things better, about learning new skills, and about using those new skills instead of your credit card.

Andrew has always been involved with making and crafting, and his desire to share skills and knowledge is reflected in the articles and blog posts that he produces. You can find links to some of these articles at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can visit or The Guardian for more.

Cream Tea / Beeswax Polish / Apple Crumble / Fabric Printing / Making Bacon / Treacle Sponge / Chocolate Fudge / Mango Chutney / Honey Ribs / Crispy Burgers / Bourbon Wings / Turkey Sausage / Knitting iCord / CNC Sewing Machine / Copper Coating / Seebeck Generator / USBattery / Self Destruct / Treasure Chess / Laser Scanner / Center Finder / Crochet Crockery / Greenhouse Controller / Vintage Voip

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